Sigh... where to begin. Well, im Irish Reaper. I go by the name LockePhilote on Fanfic, Youtube, and Livejournal. I write fanfics, mostly for Kingdom Hearts, with an unfinished one for Golden Sun in the works. My favorite element in the game would be Mercury, due to the Lemurians being the only advanced culture to really survive. I am a boy. Not much else to say here yet. Oh, i intend to help make this wiki into something spectacular with all the new editing that will be required for the new game. If we all do our part, Golden Sun nerds the world over will have a place to come and find out why Ivan's Wind Seer class has so low HP, or why they cant get the Masamune with out game transfer data. Lets achieve that dream.

Also, cookie for anyone that gets what my user name is refferencing.

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