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Golden Sun and Me[edit | edit source]

I first heard about Golden Sun around 2004, when I was 9, from my cousin, Matthew. We went over our grandmother's house and he showed me this "new, cool game" he just got. He started right off with The Lost Age. I vividly remember the very first part of the game when Alex, Kraden, and Jenna are running about the interior of Venus Lighthouse. We would pretend to be the characters and he said I could be Alex, which is why he is my favorite character. After that I persuaded my dad to take me to Game Crazy to get the first Golden Sun. Even though I beat Deadbeard in the low 30s I still haven't beaten Fusion Dragon 6 years later. After I got sick of the first one I tried for the second one. My cousin and I had a "race" to see who could get through the game the quickest. I won. Mostly because I am a quicker thinker and smarter. Also because it took him 3 months to get through Air's Rock. So, that is basically my story.

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