This is my different passwords that I obtained from the end of Golden Sun. Every password that I wrote in this page, the passwords will view their summary to summarize the password. You can get the password in this list to your own Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

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"EX Password"[edit | edit source]

All I knew in this password were the four characters were in Level 36, Completed 28 Djinn, Quests accomplished and 654321 coins.

Gold Password entry:[edit | edit source]

#8=He iQ?Wk
?YssU exJkb
maXQZ wmqQf
zAL6w G5mL6
2?#gm kx4un

Yg?5a uFmGp
#EZ2f !gGkf
ykgAM pHiCe
nnR9Z 9?FdC
W4js% nxtyb

U+fmg &Hzgk
#GGB+ ipmD%
67CFV krWmS
Tz3!6 z$MZ9
cRkA4 uwXre

+nU## bNyMV
V%3sZ B7w5C
mCjVr Gp$u+
zuU2Q La$VR

&fB2= jF6Dk
VkT&S ws=23
M4Ea! GJe&d
dPjAf !QvmH

YuKs4 y=wUm

Silver Password entry[edit | edit source]

zrdyt X4NK3
g9TBK $CfA2
+HXd? bXcez
jLMh& 6=Gnc
NiC8r ?TXhq

xirta pTBj4

Bronze Password entry[edit | edit source]

n?Yb# Mhrc+
WnwMh m

Luis' Golden Sun Code[edit | edit source]

This password was high quality that the passwords in this list. It also includes "why". I insert this password to Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Gold Password Entry[edit | edit source]

Djinn[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Their stats are awesome. Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia are now unaffected by Delusion, Poison any other battle problems because their Luck was higher than the current Luck. Yes! I had the chance to raise Felix and others in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, This password was included the 120 Lucky Peppers. So, Felix and others can prevent too.

Stats Isaac Garet Ivan Mia
Luck 99 99 99 99

Items[edit | edit source]

Their items were also awesome. The party had their high materializing equipment in the Golden Sun. They also included 2 Sol Blades and I obtained it in the Debug Rooms in the Golden Sun. Also what I said in the stats, every characters had 30 Lucky Peppers and the total, 120. For more, check out the table...

Isaac Garet Ivan Mia
Sol Blade Fire Brand Masamune Sol Blade
Gaia Blade Muramasa Swift Sword Blessed Mace
Spiked Armor Dragon Scales Kikuichimonji Crystal Rod
Battle Gloves Earth Shield Feathered Robe Oracle's Robe
Warrior's Helm Adept's Helm Virtuous Armlet Spirit Armlet
Apple 30 Power Bread 30 Ninja Hood Jeweled Crown
Lucky Pepper 30 Apple 30 Cookie 30 Vial 30
Catch Beads Lucky Pepper 30 Hard Nut 30 Potion 30
Carry Stone Orb of Force Lucky Pepper 30 Water of Life 30
Mars Star Douse Drop Halt Gem Mint 30
Lucky Medal 30 Black Crystal Running Shirt Lucky Pepper 30
Mythril Shirt Mythril Shirt Running Shirt Cloak Ball
Mythril Shirt Hyper Boots Quick Boots Frost Jewel
Hyper Boots Hyper Boots Cleric's Ring Lifting Gem
Hyper Boots --- Silk Shirt Silk Shirt

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

The coins are 654321. I don't know that the events in Golden Sun were finished.

The Code[edit | edit source]

Page 1

tsDqr Y#eRj
hCZxE 2qP$7
z?L65 Pw&k6
aBii8 Vj9nM
dRQ=a $Twkr

Page 2

aCq6q +4u!t
+fSk3 4&?qz
M59py !9TY5
Jz7y6 Px22F
cj!%D q56KG

Page 3

?Yixt Mc3u4
ydw96 QL32y
eLBfk WuSkV
Qt=ca #zD&w

Page 4

FtAkk ?WUsQ
2RpF6 VtJ!8
2BQfZ LUja7
=ZqfD 5uqGu
Wzane &uSiX

Page 5

AzXpE &3tJr
F7kWW c#TJ+
h=YPn 7#TnQ
s9Yv= &4!Sj
i9%Xq g4Lsg

Page 6

iG8xn HU?cy

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