Now that all the monster line pages on the site are pretty much finished, I likely won't be contributing much anymore since those pages were my field of expertise (unless I get lucky with the monsters in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn).

These days you can find me at the Skies of Arcadia Wiki, under the username MercuryMech. I also contribute to the Super Mario Wiki and the Mega Man Wiki

What I like about Golden Sun[edit | edit source]

I'm a fairly big fan of the Golden Sun series, though I don't own any of them because they were rarely avaliable at my local stores. Fortunetly I was able to rent them several times.

What I like about Golden Sun is that it has an interesting storyline and cast of characters that manage to break free of some of the traditional RPG cliches. The Djinn System also adds the kind of party customization other RPGs lack. It also features clever (albeit sometimes time consuming and frustrating) dungeons and puzzles. Its all topped off with some of the best visuals and audio in a GBA title.

What I dislike about Golden Sun is combat can feel a bit easy at times, especially with some random encounters in The Lost Age. Speaking of which, random encounters can get frustrating at times and it is a primiative gameplay element. The "points of no return" at the end of each games also felt pointless.

Mercury Mech on YouTube[edit | edit source]

Recently I have been using AtirusVH's Golden Sun: The Lost Age editor and submitting videos to my YouTube channel. The channel name is ZeusGuy, since the name Mercury Mech has been reserved for Wikis.

For those who are interested in seeing these videos, click here

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Golden Sun 3: Speculated Elements[edit | edit source]

These are some personal ideas for a Golden Sun sequel that were thought of before Golden Sun: Dark Dawn was announced. These aren’t noteworthy, widespread theories, so I didn’t feel they were worth adding to the Golden Sun 3/Speculated Elements page.

  • An original idea was to have a third Golden Sun on the DS, which would allow players to insert one of the original Golden Suns into the GBA slot to transfer character data and such over to the new one. However, this theory is no longer plausible since the newest DS model (DSi) doesn’t have the GBA slot, eliminating the possibility of backwards compatibility.
  • Of the original cast, Isaac should be in some way the main character, preferably playable. I think the reasons are obvious.
  • If Alex ends up being the main villain, then Mia should also be present due to her history with him.
  • Sheba should also be included considering her subplot was never really resolved. As another possibility, the moon she’s said to have originated from could be called the “Silver Moon” (the opposite of the “Golden Sun”).
  • Amongst the new playable characters could be a female Venus Adept, since so far both Venus Adepts have been males.
  • The release of Alchemy brings forth new Psynergy and Djinn types. Two possible elements could be Sun (Light) and Moon (Dark).
  • Utility Psynergies (both old and new) are modified to include in-battle effects. For example, Catch can be used to steal an item or extra coins from an enemy, while Reveal would expose an enemy’s statuses.
  • It might become confusing, but the story could be broken into two scenarios. One scenario would feature the original playable characters from Golden Sun and The Lost Age, while the other follows a group of four new characters (one of each element). The two parties could be combined close to endgame.
  • In a manner similar to Tales of Symphonia, the game could feature some sort of friendship system where the decisions Isaac makes throughout the game will ultimately have him become soul mates with another party member, which would have some impact on the game’s ending. This would give players encouragement for multiple playthoughs.
  • If there’s anything left to it, a subplot could delve more into Alex’s past prior to ditching Mia and his responsibility.
  • For the record, I can’t imagine a scenario in which Saturos and Menardi survived the events at Venus Lighthouse. Even considering what happened at the end of The Lost Age, I personally couldn’t see them coming back from the dead. Might also be in the story’s best interest if they stay dead.
  • It’s possible that the release of a third Golden Sun could promote a remake of the first two games, for those who want to catch up to the storyline and/or missed the initial release. This could include the games being combined into one, as was initially planned, with extra content and (most importantly) a more accurate translation. Voice acting (or at least voice clips) could also be incorporated.

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