A avid roleplayer, and statistician by hobby, Role can be seen making various reference guides for the many people out there making a homebrew GS3. This includes, but is not limited to, the 8 Megabyte Derived Experience Table spreadsheet, and ASCII tables including the Ranges and Averages for Character Growths and Class Statistics. She describes herself as 'Mildly Majorly Insane', and some would point to the fact that she had fun in the day and a half it took to make the Experience Tables as evidence of this.

As far as her preferences for gaming go, the only known games she does not burn out on are Golden Sun and Chrono Trigger, of which she sees much more potential to be had with the former. As such, she continues to provide reference materials, while at the same time works on her own homebrew GS3, applying the storytelling skills acquired through years of roleplaying to her work.

Now, with a newly partially-developed Golden Sun editor, she moves to support its creator, as well as spread any previously-unknown information that may somehow be discovered over to the Golden Sun wiki. However, she is still learning her way around, and as such, until her knowledge and understanding of the wiki system evolve, she will attempt to do what little she can until she has improved enough to do a decent job.

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