Hi. :D My name's Christina, I'm 17-years-old and have been a fan of the Golden Sun series for two years. I joined this community in hopes I can be of help to people who also love the game.

How I discovered my liking for the game[edit | edit source]

My discovering the first game at the time was purely accidental; I wandered into a game shop looking at Nintendo DS based games, then I took a glance at a pile of second-hand GBA carts that are being sold cheaply. I had no intention to buy anything, however. A mere knock on the shoulder rattled the Golden Sun cart on the floor, as I picked it up I was left gazing at it for a while; I remembered downloading a MIDI track from www.vgmusic.com that was from this game. I decided to buy it for a good £10 and since then I've enjoyed and loved it to the fullest of extent. I think it's spectacular. The gameplay and plot bewildered me to the point I could like no other game greater than I do with Golden Sun, it's one of the best RPGs for the GBA I've ever played.

Fandom?[edit | edit source]

Let's see.. I'm an all-round fan of Isaac and of the Mercury and Venus elements. On the subject of shipping and my interests, it can be quite easy to assume that I am a fan of Mudshipping, involving Isaac and Mia. Well to confirm that assumption... I am! And the fact that the shipping's fanbase is quite populated, I am quite content with knowing for once I'm not the only one to support a scarcely recognised shipping. :P

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

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