I am also an admin of the Chemistry wikia. I am also a notable user of the Fire Emblem Wikia. Despite being an administrator, I have no more power over you, simply just the person with access to all of the buttons that are needed, like deleting pages and blocking users. However, that still does not give me authority over you. If you disagree with me on anything, just tell me so we can get things sorted out.

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All forum posts and talk page links still in discussion that are created by me can be found here.

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  • Note: I do not have authority over anybody, despite the fact I'm an administrator. I have no more "power" over another user or an IP, just a couple of more tools to work with, and a few more privileges. I can't do whatever I want, because that could involve abuse, which can be reported to the Wikia staff. If you think I'm doing something wrong, or you have a question, just go to my talk page. If I've blocked you for committing a offense and you would like to appeal, leave it on your talk page.
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