Getting to Know MeEdit

Well to start off, I'm a 19 year old from Pennsylvania. As a person I tend to be very passionate about a great many things from political views to scientific discoveries. I can be very passionate at times but I don't seek conflict despite this. The only thing that really annoys me is how naive some people can be. As an editor I focus mainly on expanding articles as well as cleaning up minor errors on some pages.

My GoalsEdit

My goal is to help create a fully comprehensible guide to Golden Sun. My main reason for joining was how poorly other guide sites organized data. Would you believe that there are sites that list character classes by character (i.e. Isaac's classes, Garet's etc.) thus repeating classes unnecessarally? Or how many sites seem to overlook the fact that Conjurer is one level above Enchanter and Shaman is not? (There's me getting passionate). Quite simply, I prefer data be correct, well organized, and complete. Thus comes the need to evaluate all equipment, not just list what's best because, quite simply, the best equipment isn't available first thing.

What I'd Like to SeeEdit

  • The final compilation of all monster skills
  • The elimination of studs (I'm sure I'm not alone)
  • Golden Sun 3 (It has to happen)
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