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In an attempt to appear more professional I have archived my original User Page and built this one instead. I'm not the kind of person to delete my own work so I figured I would just stash it away somewhere. To be honest it looked a little dumb anymore. I made it when I was just a noob here. It has been almost a year since I joined this wiki and I am updating my User Page in order to not look like a beginner.

My User Name is Zabbeth, my real name is Jeff Bamberger. I'm told I shouldn't give my real name on the web but I don't think anybody who visits this site would be assholish enough to try and screw with it. I started playing Golden Sun when it was first released. But I didn't own it until 2008. I simply played my friend's game for the time being. I bought Golden Sun: The Lost Age the day it came out and played it for two months straight. Later I sold my GBA and all my games. In 2008 I bought both games used and came to this site looking or tips. I was not dissapointed. Later I joined and began editing. After a while I got really good at it and worked my way to the Featured Users column. That was truly an honor. And I have been here ever since. I'm responsable for the Monthly Polls, it may not be much but I consider it my baby. I make sure I visit this site at least once a day to see whats going on here.

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  • My Bulbapedia page can be found here.[1]
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I like the Mercury Adepts but some of the Mercury Psynergy is really weak. But the real reason I like Mercury is because of the ice attacks. I always thought it would be cool to freeze people solid like Sub-Zero of Mortal Kombat. Although I really like the Diamond Berg move, and Odyssey is pretty cool even though it's Venus.

My favorite Summon would easily have to be Catastrophe. Just the way it looks is so spectacular. My favorite Djinn is Geode, I really like the way that attack looks, it's awe inspiring.

I use to really like Alex but then I looked at his picture and saw that his main weapon was nunchucks. How can you be a total badass when all you have is nunchucks? I guess that's why he relies on his psynergy so much.

I'm not a huge fan of fan fiction, I say leave the story telling to the people who created the story in the first place. Although I will say that Mia in Ponyland by Dracobolt was really good.

On a side note I love song #93 in the Sound Test mode of The Lost Age. I don't know why I love it so much but I do. I think it has to do with the clever blend of Orchestra and Heavy Metal. If it wasn't a 32-bit soundtrack I think others would notice that a bit more. The Golden Sun series easily has one of the most imaganitive soundtracks when it comes to RPGs. And you can really hear Rock & Roll inspiration from the composer.

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