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The Vambrace is a Glove-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. In both games, all playable Adepts can equip the Vambrace.

Basic Description by Game[]

The Vambrace increases the wearer's base Defense by 27 points and the wearer's base Attack by 5 points. It is bought for 1800 coins while its resale value is 1575.

In Golden Sun, it is found in a treasure chest in the small, optional dungeon Vault Cave, which is accessible as soon as you pass through Lamakan Desert.

In Dark Dawn, it is found by examining the Warrior Statue that is in the Scorpio Room in Craggy Peak Ruins.


When it can first be found, the Vambrace is a good addition to the party's inventory. It is extremely similar to the Battle Gloves, which can be found later in the game as a random prize in Tolbi Spring for a Lucky Medal because the Battle Gloves features 26 defense and 8 additional attack. If the player receives the Battle Gloves after getting the Vambrace, one should be chosen over the other for equipping, with the other being sold for money. Alternatively, the player could retain both and equip them on two different characters. Both of these gloves have a superior, later counterpart in the War Gloves that can be bought in Lalivero.

In Dark Dawn, the Vambrace is a good addition to any Adept's inventory when first found. The choice of Adept largely depends on player preferences, as all of them benefit in some way from the Attack increase. Later on, however, the Vambrace is outclassed by the War Gloves, which are sold in Saha Town. It is still worth keeping the Vambrace around however. When Sveta joins the party in the Belinsk Ruins, the Vambrace is an automatic upgrade from the Gauntlets she starts with.

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