Golden Sun Universe

A weapon vendor (left) and an armor vendor (right) in the town of Kolima.

Vendors (also known as Shop Keepers) are NPCs in both Golden Sun games. Vendors can be seen as some of the most important NPCs in the series. Without them the player would have to rely on soley finding Artifacts as weapons and would not be able to hold more items unless they wanted to toss them instead of getting coins for them. They also allow the re-purchase of artifacts that have been dropped or sold if the player so choses to do so. When spoken to from across the counter they will sell or buy various items. When spoken to from behind the counter they may address just about any subject, ranging from current events in the area to going-ons in their personal life, and it is not uncommon or unexpected for vendors to touch upon item-related topics. There is at least one vendor in each major town. Many vendors look the same (dependent on what they sell), although some towns have vendors with unique appearances.



Buy.png Buy: View and purchase a selection of common weapons and items.

Sell.png Sell: Sell unneeded weapons and items for coins. Most sold artifacts can be bought back at any vendor of the particular specialization.

Artifact.png Artifact: View and purchase artifacts. Some artifacts can only be acquired through vendors, and new ones are periodically added as you visit new towns. Artifacts the player has sold can be repurchased in this menu.

Repair.png Repair: Repair broken equipment for a price. Broken equipment is denoted by a red "X" over the item's icon in the character's inventory.


There are four basic types of vendors:

  • Vendors that sell consumable and miscellaneous items, usually female.
  • Vendors that sell weapons. In Golden Sun, the weapon vendor is a balding man with a mustache. Golden Sun: The Lost Age introduces a new weapon vendor (alongside the old one) who looks similar to the armor vendor from the first game.
  • Vendors that sell armor. In Golden Sun, the armor vendor is a man with a mustache wearing a green vest. The Lost Age introduces a new armor vendor (alongside the old one) who looks similar to the weapon vendor from the first game.
  • In some towns, there is only one vendor who sells all items sold by the other three types of vendors.


  • The armor and weapon vendors of the first installment bear resemblance to Luigi and Mario, respectively, of the Super Mario Series.