Veriti was the sister of King Paithos of Ayuthay, and was Amiti's mother as well.

Twenty years before Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, a mysterious and powerful Mercury adept came to Ayuthay, found the Luna Mask, and started the Kingdom's Alchemy Well by using the mask. While in Ayuthay, the mysterious adept began a mutual relationship with Veriti. From this relationship, Veriti has become pregnant with Amiti, but the mysterious adept left before Amiti was even born. After his birth, she also died due to an illness. Veriti was the only one who saw the Adept's face, and the true identity of the adept had been taken with her to her grave (although a lot of evidence in the game indirectly suggests this adept was Alex).

For unknown reasons, Paithos had deemed it necessary to keep the Adept's existence a secret, so he lied to Amiti and the kingdom and said Veriti was the one whose powers started the well. Paithos also convinced Amiti that he was born from a miracle stemming from her powers, and he had no biological father whatsoever. Both of these claims were based off the lie that Veriti was an adept or someone with similar powers; she really had no powers at all. However, Amiti does not learn about this until Matthew and the gang arrive in Ayuthay.

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