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The War Gloves are Gloves found throughout the Golden Sun series.

Basic Description by Game[]

The War Gloves increase the wearer's defense by 32 and attack by 10. They can be bought for 4000 coins and sold for 3000 coins.

They can be bought in Lunpa in Golden Sun, in Izumo in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and in Saha Town in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Being Gloves, they can be equipped by all Adepts.


In Golden Sun, the War Gloves can be considered an upgraded version of both the Battle Gloves and the Vambrace; the War Glove gives stronger boosts to Attack and Defense than either. Like the Battle Gloves and Vambrace, the War Gloves will most likely be worn for the attack boost rather than defensive purposes.

In The Lost Age, the War Gloves can be considered more valuable than the Crafted Gloves, despite the fact that the Crafted Gloves are more expensive, simply because the War Gloves offer twice the attack boost. In both cases, the War Gloves are best equipped to characters that either have low attack power, like Sheba, or those whose strategy focuses on physical attacks. However, they will eventually be outclassed by the Riot Gloves, which are stronger than the War Gloves in every category.

In Dark Dawn, the War Gloves can be considered an upgrade from the Vambrace found earlier. The War Gloves now give the highest Attack boost of all hand armor. Though all Adepts would benefit from the attack increase, Amiti could be considered an excellent candidate. Despite being a mage-style Adept, Amiti has access to the physical elemental Attacks Diamond Dust and Diamond Berg. Equipping the War Gloves gives a nice boost to his average Attack, thus increasing the power of both Psynergies. How long the player chooses to keep the War Gloves equipped depends on personal preference, as stronger armwear, defensively speaking, becomes available after the player gains access to the ship.


  • The War Gloves are the only Glove type equipment that can be found in all three Golden Sun games. In all three instances, it is a bought artifact.
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