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Warrior's Hill

Warrior's Hill is a location featured in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Located on Harun Island, it is composed of a set of Zol-filled watchtowers and a network of channels and hydro-powered mechanisms. It is conjoined with the Harun Channel, which has an entrance at the west end of Harun Island. These 2 locations should for all intents and purposes be counted together as one of the game's dungeons because both need to be visited at different stages to acquire all of the treasures shared between them. The story-important treasure at the end can be obtained with the Watchtower Key given to the party at nearby Harun Village.


Warrior's Hill was apparently created in ancient times by the Jenei, ancestors of the Adepts, as part of a response to a potential Grave Eclipse. Within Warrior's Hill, the Jenei hid an Artifact known as the Third Eye, a treasure meant to help guide warriors stop the Grave Eclipse. The room containing the Third Eye was locked, and the towers buried beneath the ground by an unknown mechanism. In the passing years, a prophecy would be handed down regarding a future Grave Eclipse. The prophecy not only foretold the Grave Eclipse, but also told of those destined to stop it: "Warriors who wield weapons that are not weapons", i.e. Adepts.

After fleeing BelinskMatthew's party arrives at Harun Village. After saving the son and grandson of the local storyteller, Ikan, Ikan tells the group of the prophecy surrounding Warrior's Hill. He reveals that one of the towers spontaneously emerged following the start of the Grave Eclipse. After providing the Adepts with all the knowledge of the tower he knows, Ikan gives the Adepts the Watchtower Key needed to access the tower's treasure, and sends the Adepts to Warrior's Hill.

Matthew's party travels through Warrior's Hill, eventually causing the two other towers to rise from the ground. Upon reaching the final chamber, they are puzzled to see the treasure is an apparently ordinary rock (Third Eye). Though puzzled by the rock, the group decides to take it anyway, knowing that the Jenei would not have hidden it without a purpose. After leaving Warrior's Hill, the group leaves Harun Island in search of more answers.

You can also get the summon Coatlicue.


  • Cookie: In a chest after taking the gears to the left.
  • Aegis Shield: In a chest after taking the gears in the middle.
  • Dragon Mail: In a chest after taking the gears to the right.


Chain: By activating the 2nd tower and then climbing a tree.

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