The Wings Of Anemos are attached to Piers' Lemurian Ship in Atteka Inlet.

The Wings of Anemos are a pair of enchanted, Psynergy-fuelled wings that are the crux of the prophecy held by the people of Contigo, part of which involves the lighting of the Jupiter Lighthouse. Once they are attached to a Lemurian ship, as predicted in the hieroglyphs near Anemos Sanctum, the prophecy has been fulfilled; this is why the citizens of Contigo are so eager to see them finished. It allows the combined party of Adepts led by Felix and Isaac to use their Psynergy reserves to raise the ship into the air a short distance, and literally fly above the land in addition to above the water. The power of Shaman Village is closely tied to the use of the wings; the Hover Psynergy must be cast by holding the B button, otherwise the ship will sail normally. In order to fly over land, you must find a river-mouth or beach connecting to the ocean. Not only do the wings allow the ship to travel faster and into otherwise inaccessible areas, but it also allows players to avoid random encounters. However, it cannot fly above forests or mountains.

How to use[edit | edit source]

The wings in flight.

  • Using Hover to fly the ship for extended periods of time depletes PP very rapidly from all of your Adepts (not just the Adept that cast Hover), so the wings should be used in moderation. If the party's Psynergy reserves fall too low, simply sailing around will restore PP but will also allow monsters to attack, although by this point in the game seafaring monsters shouldn't be too tough. In extreme cases Psy Crystals can be used, but the more cost-effective method would be to save and restart the file using the Last Sanctum trick. It is inadvisable to fly everywhere; only for longer journeys to avoid weaker monsters.
  • A little known cheat concerning the wings is that you do not need to press B to use them. If you open the menu and use Hover as a utility Psynergy, the boat will not rise into the air, but the sparkle effect and PP meter that are seen during flight will appear. It costs only the few PP required to cast Hover, and you will not get into any random battles, although you travel at the speed of normal sailing. Using this cheat does not let you pass the reefs blocking off beaches near towns, such as Yallam. Pressing B will cancel the effect.
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