Wish, Wish Well and Pure Wish are a series of Mercury-based Support-class Psynergy featured in all games of the Golden Sun series thus far. It is available to the following classes:

Psynergy Spells Edit

Wish Wish: "Restore 80 HP to the whole party.": This spell costs 9 Psynergy Points and restores 80 HP to all allies on the field. It is learned at level 12 for White Mage and Hermit series, level 9 for the Pilgrim series, and level 8 for all others.

Wish Well Wish Well: "Restore 160 HP to the whole party.": This spell costs 13 Psynergy Points and restores 160 HP to all allies on the field. It is learned at level 24 for Pilgrim, White Mage, and Hermit class series, and level 22 for all others.

Pure Wish Pure Wish: "Restore 400 HP to the whole party.": This spell costs 20 Psynergy points and restores 400 HP to all allies on the field. It is learned on level 46.


Wish is by far the most potent group healing spell in the Golden Sun series, and easily the most practical. Its only flaw is its early unavailability, the necessary Djinn not being available until Altin in the first game and Kibombo in the second. As Wish is available to nearly any class in the game requiring at least four Mercury Djinn, as well as those available to Mercury Adepts requiring four or more Djinn, it may be advisable to place Mercury Djinn on anyone besides the Mercury Adepts (for instance, putting Isaac or Garet in the Swordsman class series), as this will enable two party members to cast Wish. However, this setup trades availability for power, as none of the users will have the maximum Mercury power necessary to give Wish its strongest performance.

In Golden Sun, if the game is being played with all characters in their mono-elemental classes, Mia may spend most of her combat actions for the remainder of the game casting Wish in lieu of her relatively weak attack Psynergy. Trading Djinn with Ivan or Garet may be advisable, however, to put her in a more balanced class while retaining her access to Wish and opening it up for someone else as well.

In The Lost Age, Wish becomes available when Piers joins as long as the player has collected at least two of the three Mercury Djinn available before then. Since Piers is typically better off physically attacking than healing, it may be advisable for him to trade Djinn with Jenna or Sheba.

Enemy usesEdit

Like many psynergies useable by Isaac and Felix's party, Wish is also used by enemies and monsters. When battling Menardi and Saturos at the top of Venus Lighthouse, Menardi may use Wish to restore HP to both of them. It is strange that as a Mars Adept Menardi should use Mercury psynergy. However, there are no group healing psynergies available to Mars in the first game such as Aura, so Wish is the only other psynergy available to perform this task. This is rectified in the second game because Karst uses Healing Aura instead of any psynergy from the Wish series.

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