ZolRingDDZol Ring is a Ring-class piece of equipment introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Description by Game Edit

A Zol Ring increases the wearer's Agility by a multiplicative factor of 1.8. They can be bought for 2500 coins and sold for 1875 coins apiece.

In Dark Dawn, one Zol Ring is given to the player as a gift from Passaj's smiths, for restarting both the Alchemy Forge and their own personal forges. Later in the game, multiple Zol Rings can be obtained by giving Quality Zol to Obaba in Champa (There is no guarantee, however, that Obaba will create a Zol Ring; all forgeable materials are randomly forged into one of several predetermined items). Once forged, Obaba will give the Zol Ring to the player free of charge.

Analysis Edit

Zol Rings are extremely useful Rings that possesses the highest Agility boost of any item in the series (as of Dark Dawn), almost doubling the Agility of any character wearing one. Even the debilitating Safety Boots, which decrease Agility by 30% (multiplies by 0.7) can't offset this boost, granting a net boost of 26%. It is worth giving to any slower character, like the Fire Adepts Tyrell and Eoleo or the Water Adepts Rief and Amiti. In any case, Zol Rings are the only Rings in Dark Dawn that multiples of can be obtained. Since only four other Rings are available in the game, the Zol Ring is worth giving to any party member that doesn't already possess a Ring.

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